Frankie Liu 劉思洋

194 lb
Mandarin, English, French
Basketball coach
Favorite performing artiste
Zhang Lei and Wang Feng. I enjoy seeing them reveal their humble and true characteristics through music. Zhang Lei's music penetrates my mind and allows me to create a detailed storyline in my head. He inspires me to embrace my past experiences and improve from within. Wang Feng is an extremely gifted musician. His very presence on stage clearly displays strong will and passion.
Artistes I wish to collaborate with
Donnie Yen. He has mastered the arts of Kung-Fu. His work has inspired me to stay resilient through tough times of my own.
The type of show that I'm most interested in participating is
Reality TV that consists of mental and physical challenges. Being a basketball nut myself, I love participating in basketball leagues and tournaments of all varieties. Therefore I developed a knack to challenge myself to all sorts of physical toll.
Special events I have participated
I have participated in Sunshine Nation 2012.
Male Artiste Idol
Guo Ailun. Guo is a professional basketball player in China. He plays on the Chinese national team and is named "Best Point Guard in Asia".
Characteristics of a stylist male artiste
Possesses outstanding leadership qualities, always improving his game and he never seems to complain about his incredible workload and pressure. Apart from good looking, leadership and responsible qualities need to be the prerequisites.