Project Boyz Power Special Guest Performer – Michael Tong

A photo with his partner Sharon Chan in the drama "Heart of Greed 3" instantly became a big hit on social media for Michael Tong who recently returned to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong after an 8-year plus career pursuit in China. The photo clearly revealed his perfect 6-pack body, along with his radiant smile. Without a doubt, he is among the most handsome, charismatic and sought after male artistes in Hong Kong now. At the Final, Michael will certainly

Michael Tong debuted in his early years as a singer. With a great performing potential and cute appearance, he became one of directors’ favorites. His portrayal of Kam Sing in the drama “Return of the Cuckoo” in 2005 earned him praises and recognition, and he began to take on more prominent roles in various dramas, including “The Biter Bitten”, “To Catch the Uncatchable”, “Healing Hands III”, “Family Man”, and much more. In 2008, the adventurous Michael decided to develop an acting career in China. Through taking on a variety of roles, and collaborating with different actors, Michael was able to expand his on-screen experience, and broaden his artistic horizons. Earlier this year, he switched his career base back to Hong Kong and was instantly offered a prominent role in “Heart of Greed 3”. Aside from TV dramas, Michael took part in many movies as well, some of which include “Shock Wave” and “God of War”.

Back in 2005, Michael visited Vancouver as the special guest performer of the TVB Fans Party. Returning to Vancouver after 12 years, the debonair Michael will surprise the audience at the Project B.P. on July 29 with an exceptional performance, leading the eight contestants to compete for the title of Project B.P. Champion.